Hello world! « BEHIND THE WALL

February 14, 2008

Hello world! « BEHIND THE WALL, its a glass wall that divides thhis phisical world

and the parallell we dont see but obviously its there anyway, for us sensitive its magicalas we can live in 2 realities  at the same time altough is hard is very interesting when you take it as “normal”, i have live with it wityhout knowing since childhood and so nothingextraordinaire for me. When people talk about it without  the knowledge is funny in a way but yu come to terms as with so many things in this world, nevertheless you can not expect people without any experience of this sort to understand about it and thats what i will try to explain in a simple and easy expressions for all of those that never had an experience of this sort and i m sure you will like it , i bet , see you, be bless by your GOD…..

what i will try to

Hello world!

November 27, 2005

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